Urban Island Kitchen – The Social Enterprise

So what’s this Social Enterprise all about?

Well, for a long time now, I have been racking my brains trying to figure out to help low income families in my local area.


As a mum of four very hungry, endless bellied children I know what it’s like trying to make sure everyone is fed well. If it wasn’t for my Mauritian background and their naturally economical way of cooking, and a husband who knows where all the bargains are it would be very difficult.

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There are so many parents who are going without food just to ensure that their children eat.  And with all the different benefit cuts and caps times are even harder than before.  Ask any of the food banks in your area.


And don’t get it twisted! Just because someone can put themselves together nicely doesn’t mean they are not suffering!


For many families, free school dinners is so important because it ensures that their children get at least one decent meal a day.


But then the school holidays strike and they are down by a whole meal every day for each of their children. Which means parents have to sacrifice their own meals for the sake of their children.

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I can’t government policies, but I can help families make the most of what they have by giving people the skills and knowledge to cook from scratch, teach how and where to shop. And I can provide them with urgent hot meals when they need it.


These workshops will help families to free up some well money finances, feed the WHOLE family for less, help to cut out process food (which looks cheaper but isn’t), lower stress levels and create more confident parents.


But whilst they are learning these families still need to eat. So we will be providing them with hot meals when they need it. We envisage that school holidays would be our busiest times.

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But workshops and emergency meals need funding. And this is where the “Enterprise” part comes in.


Urban Island Kitchen would not be your ordinary café.  Our profits would go towards providing these workshops and meals to as many families as we can possibly afford too.  And not only that,  we would be providing front of house and kitchen staff jobs to those who have been displaced and long term unemployed.


There are so many ideas that can extend from this project that is close to my heart. And I want to see it come to fruition.

A lot of hard work is on the way. But it will all be worth it!!

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