About UIK

So who is Urban Island Kitchen?

Well, I guess I am.  All on my own with the support of a great husband, (who is also my Gospel Music DJ) and an amazingly talented baby sister, (who is also my Creative Consultant and giver of excruciatingly honest opinions!)

I am the wife of one and the mother of four.  And as if my life isn’t full enough I have decided to begin a new adventure in food blogging, vlogging, instagramming, tweeting. My aim is to make UIK Pop Up Events, catering and office lunches available London-wide to help find finally my ultimate aim, which is a Social Enterprise Cafe serving Mauritian and Caribbean inspired dishes with a  twist of European, creating jobs for the homeless and the unemployed, whilst funding frugal cooking and food budgeting workshops for low income families.  But that’s a whole page unto itself!

UIK Events

In case you’ve never heard of a UIK Pop Up Event, they are a pop up restaurant that you can book for any event with our very own Live  DJ from THE GOSPEL ACCORDING 2 MARK RADIO, playing the latest in Contemporary and Urban Gospel Music.  We create a great atmosphere for family events, Teen or Youth banquets and any other event you can think of.  So as soon as I’m ready, I’ll let you know!

Urban Island Community.

As well as sharing recipes with you, I would love to find out from your favourite Mauritian foods and recipes and tips!  I’m a brit-born Mauritian and I know I have got plenty more to learn from all of you!  So join me as we explore the food of my Mauritian heritage!

Let me know how the recipes go for you and what needs adjusting. I’m still on my own learning curve and I’m happy to be taught new things all the time. So join me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so we can build the UIK Community.


Looking for alternative Lunch time Fare? We deliver Mauritian Subs, or as I like to call them “Mauri-Subs” straight to your desk in the Enfield and Edmonton area!

Watch out for our Youtube Channel in the near future, UIK Pop Events, and ulimately Our UIK Cafe!!

I am so excited!!!!!

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