Ratio, Ratio, Ratio

So you have a recipe but you don’t have enough of one ingredient. What do you do? Give up and go to bed. Nooooo! Don’t be silly!

Finding out the ratio of ingredients, especially for a tried and trusted recipe, is crucial!

Remember those Maths lessons you hated so much and said you would never use in real life???  Well,  they are back to haunt you.  Maths! Maths is the answer!

Let’s do this!

The recipe calls for:

180g of Egg Whites

300g of Sugar

240g of Icing Sugar

But you only have 112g of Egg whites.  How do you work out how much sugar and icing sugar you need for 112g of egg whites?

To find out how much sugar you need, you will need to divide 300g (the amount sugar the recipe calls for) with 180g (the amount of egg whites the recipe calls for. The answer would be 1.666666666666667!  Now multiply that number by the actual amount of egg whites, which in this scenario is 112g, and you get 186.6666666666667.  Now unless you have some super-super accurate digital scales, you will obviously round up to the nearest gram, which in the this case is 187g of sugar.

You would need to do this calculation for each ingredient.

Now, I am rubbish with algebra and formulas. I barely passed my GCSE Maths with a C!! But I think the formula would look something like this:

(A➗B) ✖️C= D

I can see Mathematicians laughing hysterically at this formula.  But hey, it works for me.

A = weight of the other ingredients

B = The required weight of the ingredient you don’t have enough of

C = The actual weight of the ingredient you don’t have enough of!

D = The amount you need of the other ingredients for the amount you actual have of the ingredient you don’t have enough of!!

Got it?? No??!  Oh well, I tried.

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